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This inaugural issue takes the step of highlighting women for their noteworthy contributions.

Women bring new skill sets, but early training and mentoring are needed to succeed.

Targeted events help stake out space for women in the security field, reports Alan Earls.

Harassment has no place in the industry. Neither do sexism or discrimination. But, there they are.

Industry Statistics

Glimpse the Gauge - from state pay gaps (across all industries), to job outlook stats and attitudes within the tech and security fields.


A long-overdue change

Debates about the dearth of women in IT security and a lack of diversity overall, are edging our space closer to a tipping point.

Last Word

Backing diversity lowers the bar?

Many groups have striven to cultivate a more welcoming workplace, says Alison Gianotto.

Industry Q&A

We asked a number of security professionals what they thought about the conditions for women in the IT security workplace today.


Our inaugural issue featured quite a number of professionals giving their take on the industry's gender gap. Here's a list of the top quotes.


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