10 Minutes on Strong Authentication Trends for 2009
10 Minutes on Strong Authentication Trends for 2009
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In this webcast, Jason Mafera, senior product manager for Imprivata, discusses the key findings from a recent Imprivata-sponsored survey examining trends in strong authentication. Jason reviews key survey findings and lends his expertise to decipher what this means for anyone considering strong authentication as part of their employee access management strategy in 2009.

Viewers of this webcast will learn:
  • Workflow considerations for strong authentication
  • Ways to improve user-adoption
  • How to choose track access events across the enterprise

Featured speaker:

Jason Mafera, Senior Product Manager, Imprivata

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Jason Mafera is Senior Product Manager for Imprivata is a strong authentication expert with more than 10 years of experience architecting and implementing strong authentication technologies, including one-time password and smartcard based solutions, that ensure secure access and greater security.