2013 Industry Innovators: Analysis and control
2013 Industry Innovators: Analysis and control


Last year when we looked at these guys, they knocked our socks off. The scenario was the security entrance to the gates at a busy international airport and their product could pick out and verify identities at a distance and in motion. We could only imagine the positive impact on both security and efficiency in this use case.


Vendor: EyeLock  

Flagship Product: EyeSwipe Nano COST: $2,495. 

Innovation: In-motion and at-a-distance iris authentication technology. 

Greatest Strength: These folks continue to innovate, now adding a miniature version of their product priced to fit well into consumer applications. They know their market and what it takes to dominate.

EyeLock is a miniaturized iris-based scanner that sports remarkable speed and accuracy. Now, with the EyeSwipe Nano, such commercial applications as banks, pharmacies, office buildings, etc., can take advantage of biometric-grade access control at a reasonable price. The Nano can replace traditional card swipe access management, maintain better security and speed up the access process.

For example, access to several high-security rooms at Norwich University all are protected by swipe card access. Many times, students and professors on the access list approach one of these doors loaded down with books, tools, computers, etc., and must put everything down just to get their cards and open the doors. How much better it would be simply to walk up to the door and have it open. More important, when a student loses their swipe card, there is a chance of compromise. With the Nano, no such risk would exist.

EyeLock products are industry compatible and are comfortable with most third-party access control products. Replacing an existing card swipe system, for example, should pose no particular challenges. If you have an oddball system, though, there is an software development kit available that can help you through the rough spots.

The combination of speed, accuracy and ease of use all go to make this a truly innovative solution to a whole slew of tough challenges. Adding the affordability of the product just increases its appeal. And along those lines, necessary software for such things as provisioning and iris matching come with the product and are not licensed per user. Price, support, forward thinking and a whale of a solution to tough challenges all go to make these guys one of our favorite Innovators.