2013 Industry Innovators: Analysis and control
2013 Industry Innovators: Analysis and control

The greatest pleasure that we have in writing this section each year is seeing who has the innovation and staying power to make it to the Hall of Fame. To be in the Hall, a company must have been selected for three years as an Innovator. That's a tough go because it says that not only is it still around – survival is good, of course, but not enough here – but it is still innovating. 

Many of our choices over the years also have appeared as Garter Innovators in the Magic Quadrants. We like that because it says that our choices not only are technically out in front, but they have creative, sustainable business plans and roadmaps for the future. In short, they know their respective spaces and what their place there needs to be. Better still, they know how to get there and have an executable plan for staying there.

One of our Innovators this year told us that if a company doesn't innovate in the information security market it will not survive. More and more, we see that becoming a reality. It plays into the convergences we see also. For example, we have seen more and more small innovators taken over by large innovators – yes, we find there really are such things as large innovators – with the acquired companies becoming better rather than worse. That's a very good thing.

The time was when it was axiomatic that an acquisition was mostly for the purpose of gobbling the technology and a few hot-shot employees and dumping the rest. To be sure, that still happens, but we have not seen it happening with the Innovators we look at this month.

The two vendors entering the Hall of Fame this year have been perennial favorites at the SC Lab. Their products are always welcomed in our Group Test reviews and we love working with their people. We will miss them in the Innovators issues in future years, but predict that they will continue to grow, prosper and bring us new products and services to test, review and, in some cases, fold into our own lab environments. 

We want to personally welcome to the SC Magazine Innovators Hall of Fame, Trustwave and Lighthouse Gateway. – Peter Stephenson, technology editor