2014 Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame
2014 Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame

Of all the sections in our annual Innovator section, I like the Hall of Fame the best. Hall of Famers are in their third consecutive year of appearing here and that sends the strong message that they are Innovators and they have staying power. We look for that quality because innovation is a continuous process. While we have to say goodbye to these companies, we usually expect to see them do bigger and better things up the road. It's just the nature of innovation.

When we look at our Hall of Famers we look at more than just their appearance in three consecutive Innovator issues. We look at what they have done to continue innovating. Are they addressing new challenges in creative, effective ways? Have they kept pace and perhaps moved ahead of the technical challenges that seem to always be snapping at our heels? How are they dealing with market trends?

Evolution in these pages is not a thing that we can predict reliably. Some of our companies have reinvented themselves or their products to meet rapidly evolving market of technology trends. Some simply have taken the right paths with their products to continue to stay ahead of the curve as the market space – and the threatscape – changes. It's hard to predict what will succeed in today's rapidly changing security environment and that is one thing that makes our Hall of Fame members so extraordinary.

I think that you will agree with me and our SC Labs team that this is a pretty impressive group of companies. It is not uncommon for companies that appear in the Hall of Fame to merge or be acquired. This is a market of convergences and convergence often occurs when an organization excels at what it does. Without question, the companies represented here have excelled and though we will look for them in group reviews and First Looks in the future we would not be surprised to see announcements of convergences in their futures.

So, as we reach the end of our December 2014 products section, sit back, relax and take a look at the brightest and best of the crop of Innovators that have graced these pages for the past three years. I think you;ll agree that our choices were pretty much on target. And, of course, we'll see you in 2015 for another year in the SC Labs.