2015 SC Awards U.S. Finalists: Round One
2015 SC Awards U.S. Finalists: Round One


Best Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection
An advanced persistent threat (APT) product and/or service provides real-time detection of and protection against intruders gaining access to an enterprise environment to stealthily extract high-value information assets from targeted organizations in manufacturing, financial, national defense and other industries.

  • Check Point Software Technologies for Check Point Threat Prevention 
  • Cisco for Cisco Advanced Malware Protection 
  • FireEye for FireEye Threat Prevention Platform 
  • Palo Alto Networks for PA-7050 Next-Generation Firewall
  • Trend Micro for Trend Micro Deep Discovery 

Best Cloud Computing Security Solution
These technologies are deployed to protect data and/or applications in a cloud environment. They may also protect the cloud computing infrastructure itself. Cloud computing security concerns are numerous for both providers and their customers, and include security and privacy worries, compliance issues and legal/contractual problems. Solutions or services in this category can provide for the protection of data or applications in the cloud, protection for traffic flowing between companies and their cloud service providers, policy management and encryption capabilities, privileged user access and controls or more.

  • AirWatch by VMware for AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management 
  • Blue Coat Systems for Blue Coat Cloud Security Solution 
  • Dell Software for Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager 
  • Juniper Networks for Firefly Perimeter 
  • Trend Micro for Trend Micro Deep Security 

Best Computer Forensic Solution
Products in this category fall into two sub-categories: network and media. The network tools must be exclusively intended for forensic analysis of network events/data. If the product is a SIEM with forensic capabilities, it should be placed in the SIEM category. Media tools cover just about all other non-network forensic tools, including those tools that collect data from media over the network and live forensic tools. This also includes specialized forensic tools that are not intended to analyze network data.

  • AccessData Group for Forensic Toolkit (FTK)
  • FireEye for FireEye Network Forensics Platform
  • Guidance Software for EnCase Forensic
  • LogRhythm for LogRhythm's Network Monitor
  • Rapid7 for UserInsight

Best Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solution
Products in this category include those that help organizations safeguard their intellectual property and customers' critical data persistently – inside and outside the company. Network-based and endpoint data leakage prevention products will be considered. Products should prevent data from unauthorized exit from the network, or protect data on the endpoint – whether the endpoint is connected to a network or not. Products typically are policy-driven and should include scanning of all data, regardless of protocol or application leaving the network, and/or keep track of peripherals, such as removable storage and attached to the endpoint – reporting that inventory to a central location or administrator. All entrants should have the capability of being managed by a centralized administrator. Those products considered part of this category include: network DLP products, which are typically gateways; those products protecting only endpoints; and hybrid products that operate at both the gateway to the network and at the endpoint. Specifically for endpoint DLP, traffic should be monitored and encryption should be available.

  • AirWatch by VMware for AirWatch Secure Content Locker
  • Check Point Software Technologies for Check Point DLP Software Blade
  • General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions for Fidelis XPS
  • McAfee for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Varonis Systems for Varonis IDU Classification Framework
  • Websense Triton AP-Data + AP-Endpoint

Best Database Security Solution
Protecting critical information is the number one priority for many organizations. An integral component of this is to secure corporate databases. Entries here should include solutions that help customers safeguard mission-critical database environments. Features of these offerings can run the gamut – from encryption to access management to logging and monitoring. Be sure to explain the specific ways the solution protects these corporate crown jewels and the features present to ensure exposures are mitigated.

  • DB Networks for DB Networks DBN-6300
  • GreenSQL for GreenSQL Database Security and Compliance
  • HP for HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager with HP Secure Encryption
  • Trustwave for Trustwave DbProtect
  • Vormetric for Vormetric Data Security Platform

Best Email Security Solution
Email security addresses the ability to exchange email messages with assurance, as well as the ability to filter email messages based on content, source or other criteria. Solutions should ensure the privacy of sensitive messages, limit the repercussions of email forgery and manage other aspects of safeguarding email within the organization. These products are enterprise-centric and should have, but are not required to have, some form of centralized management. They may include spam filters, junk mail filters, malware filters, unauthorized content (sometimes called “extrusion protection” or “data leakage protection”), phishing and other types of undesirable content. However, these are not simply anti-spam filters. These email security products should be evaluated on their effectiveness, manageability, non-intrusiveness, ease of use and other factors that impact the implementation of this type of product in the enterprise environment. They typically provide features such as email encryption, digital signatures, automatic shredding of messages and attachments, and more.

  • Barracuda for Barracuda Email Security Service
  • Cisco for Cisco Email Security Appliance
  • McAfee for McAfee Email Protection
  • Proofpoint for Proofpoint Enterprise Protection/Privacy
  • Websense Triton AP-Email