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Cybercrime, Government, Malware, Phishing, Security News

New Hawkball backdoor attacks government sector in Central Asia

A newly discovered malicious backdoor by the name of Hawkball was recently observed in a campaign apparently targeting one or more Russian-speaking government entities in Central Asia, according to a blog post this week from FireEye Labs. Upon successful infection, Hawkball offers the unidentified attackers a range of malicious capabilities, writes FireEye blog post author…
Malware, Security News

Heaven’s Gate exploit still defiled ten years later to deliver RATs and stealers

Threat actors were spotted using a decade-old antivirus evasion technique in at least three malware distribution campaigns.  A HawkEye Reborn keylogger, Remcos remote access trojan (RAT), and various other cryptocurrency mining trojan campaigns are using the “Heaven’s Gate” technique to avoid antivirus detection, Cisco Talos researchers said in a July 1 blog post. The technique…
Cybercrime, Malware, Phishing, Security News

Phishing campaign targets Americas with new variant of Loda RAT

Researchers have observed a new malware campaign that’s been targeting the U.S., Argentina, Brazil and Costa Rica with an updated variant of the Loda RAT remote access trojan. In a company blog post on Wednesday, Cisco Talos said that since at least the last quarter of 2019, the campaign has been using malicious websites to…
Experts share new insight on Sandworm APT exploits, BlackEnergy malware
Security News

GreyEnergy threat group linked to Zebrocy

Kaspersky researchers have discovered overlap between the GreyEnergy threat group, considered the successor to  BlackEnergy, and the Sofacy subset Zebrocy. Researchers described GreyEnergy and BlackEnergy as an advanced threat group that possesses extensive knowledge on penetrating their victim´s networks and exploiting any available vulnerabilities. The threat actor is also known for updating its tools and…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

‘Old Phantom Crypter’ supplants older Microsoft Office exploit builder tools

Out with the old, in with the… Old Phantom Crypter, which despite its name is actually a new Microsoft Office exploit builder that’s been surpassing its predecessors in popularity among the cybercriminal community. Gabor Szappanos, principal malware researcher at SophosLabs, described the ascendance of Old Phantom yesterday in a company blog post, which links to…

Malspam campaign delivers LokiBot by abusing Windows Installer

A recently observed malspam-based phishing campaign is exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Office to infect victims with LokiBot malware via the Windows Installer service, Trend Micro has reported. Trend Micro has previously detailed other attacks leveraging CVE-2017-11882, a memory corruption vulnerability in Office’s Equation Editor, which was patched last November. But in a rather unique twist, this…
Cybercrime, In Depth, Malware, Phishing, Security News

Phishing emails lure victims with news of coronavirus’ impact on shipping

Looking to capitalize on the current coronavirus scare, malware distributors have launched a new phishing campaign that targets global companies with emails that suggest that virus could disrupt shipping operations. According to a Feb. 10 research blog post authored by Sherrod DeGrippo, senior director of threat research and detection at Proofpoint, the malicious actors have…
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