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APT40 hacking group linked to 13 alleged front companies in Hainan, China

The mysterious research group Intrusion Truth has unleashed a new series of reports claiming that 13 businesses based in the southern island province of Hainan, China are collectively a front for reputed Chinese state-sponsored hacking group APT40. The alleged front companies all purport to be science and technology businesses seeking to hire pen testers, software development…
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Researchers discover 40,000+ compromised credentials for global gov’t websites

Over the last year and a half, attackers compromised more than 40,000 credentials for various global government websites and portals, using a combination of spyware tools and phishing tactics. Portals hosts in more than 30 countries were affected by the campaign, with the majority of victimized users located in Italy (52 percent), Portugal (22 percent)…

600+ samples of Spring Dragon APT malware spotted

The Chinese speaking ATP group Spring Dragon, a.k.a., LotusBlossom, has increased attacks against high-profile organizations around the South China Sea. Kaspersky researchers managed to collect more than 600 samples of malware from the group suggesting they are operating on a massive scale. The group is known for using spearphishing and watering hole techniques to target…
Study reveals industry pros troubled most by ransomware threat, damage
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Researchers warn of new OphionLocker ransomware

OphionLocker doesn't diverge much from previous ransomware schemes, although it does generate a unique hardware ID based on the first hard drive's serial number, the motherboard's serial number and other information.
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