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Exposing and defeating cyber criminal campaigns out for financial gain or trade secrets is the challenge of the day, but there are strategies and tools available to help.
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A pragmatic approach to Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection

Targeted attacks, or APTs, can be complex and affect organizations of all sizes, across all industries. But that doesn't mean their detection and prevention has to be complex too. With constant confusion around ATAs and APTs, a staggering 68% of IT Managers admit they don't know what an APT is.

Cymulate APT

Reviewed by Matthew Hreben & Michael Diehl Vendor:  Cymulate Product:  Cymulate APT Price:  $30,000 to $500,000 based on company size, number of attack vectors and number of assessments per year. Contact: What it does: Attack simulation platform that focuses on multiple attack vectors. What we liked: Simulation platform with a beautiful UI. This solution…
Harnessing Big Data for protection
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Fighting APTs

With simple viruses and Trojans were all the rage, life was simpler for the average CSO. Now, threats of all types abound and the methods cyber attackers enlist to infiltrate networks have only become more varied, often a bit more sophisticated and most assuredly more frequent. One of the most problematic has proven to be APTs.
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Report: Chinese cyberspies hacked MSP, retailer and law firm in economic espionage campaign

The Chinese state-sponsored threat actor APT10 used stolen remote access software credentials to infiltrate the network of Norwegian managed services provider Visma last year, likely in an effort to launch secondary attacks against the MSP’s clients. An investigation into the cyber espionage campaign revealed that APT10, aka Stone Panda, used similar tactics to invade the…
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APTs Aren’t the Threat You Might Think

Advanced persistent threat. The term started sneaking into infosec nomenclature about ten years ago and reached its peak during 2010-2013, instigated by Stuxnet and trending steadily upward through the release of Mandiant’s APT1 report.  

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