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Abnormal SecurityAbnormal Cloud Email Security Platform

A bnormal Cloud Email Security Platform takes a data-science approach and leverages API-based integrations to stop targeted attacks. It combines three key features: an identity model, a relationship graph and content analysis. These methods help create a high-confidence decision engine to reduce the number of false positives. The cloud platform integrates directly with cloud email…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Attackers prey on Microsoft Teams accounts to steal credentials

A new phishing attack impersonates an automated communications message from Microsoft Teams to steal a corporate user’s login credentials. Abnormal Security, which disclosed the attack method today in a blog, maintains that Microsoft Teams has become a popular communication tool, particularly during the pandemic, making it an attractive brand for attackers to impersonate. Here’s how the…
Coronavirus, Security News

Phishing campaign aims to steal Zoom credentials using fake layoff notifications

Researchers have uncovered a phishing campaign, designed to steal Zoom credentials, that attempts to trick email recipients into thinking they are about to be laid off amid the pandemic. The attackers hope potential victims will click on a malicious link that supposedly links to a Zoom meeting hosted by human resources. The campaign targets Office…
Coronavirus, Cybercrime, Email Security, Phishing, Security News

Email phishing scam impersonates LogMeIn to trick remote workers

Add LogMeIn to the list of remote services and collaboration platforms whose users are being targeted by phishing scammers seeking to take advantage of businesses’ current work-from-home policies under COVID-19. In a company blog post, Abnormal Security researchers reported witnessing an influx of campaigns targeting LogMeIn — provider of cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration,…
The fairly convincing phishing scam is being hosted on a compromised EA Games server.
Coronavirus, Phishing, Security News

Notification emails impersonate Microsoft Teams to steal credentials

As the use of collaborative platforms continues to tick up as people work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, hackers are sending fake email notifications that appear to come from Microsoft Teams in an effort to steal employee credentials. “These attackers crafted convincing emails that impersonate automated notification emails from Microsoft Teams,” Abnormal Security researchers…
Brazilian 'bolware' gang targeted $3.75B in transactions, RSA finds
Coronavirus, Security News

COVID-19 phishing campaigns reel in victims with stimulus fund lures

Email-based phishing schemes continue to trick victims with promises of coronavirus information, cures and vaccines, but now some fraudsters are also sending their targets lures related to the U.S. government-approved stimulus checks promised to most Americans. The latest evidence of this is a new report, authored by Abnormal Security, which details a scheme to impersonate…
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