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2021 tech predictions: The conceptual gets real

Community and market experts found some consensus: cloud security will dominate strategies and investments even more that it did during 2020, and technologies once deemed “on the horizon” – think automation, 5G and even the much hyped artificial intelligence – will officially arrive.

Zero Trust in Practice: The Art of the Possible

This new SC Media virtual conference will help you understand the leading strategic approaches to adopting a zero-trust model. The event will feature leading experts who will dive deep into the discipline’s key components, including a full zero trust architecture, where organizations struggle in reaching zero trust, gaining granular visibility into your network and much more.
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Free program blocks 10 million malicious domains from state and local governments

Akamai announced Wednesday early results of a partnership with the Center for Internet Security and the Department of Homeland Security to offer free malicious domain blocking and reporting services to state, local, tribal and territorial governments. After five weeks of offering the service, with just under 350 sign-ups, the MDBR service blocked roughly 10 million…
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NYSE not susceptible to takedown like New Zealand exchange

After a new threat group claiming to be Fancy Bear and the Armada Collective used a DDoS attack to take down the New Zealand stock exchange, security experts say millions of dollars in infrastructure investment make it unlikely that major stock exchanges in New York, London or Hong Kong would suffer a similar take down,…
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