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Asus issues patch, but questions still remain about ShadowHammer

Asus released a patch in the wake of the ShadowHammer malware attack, but despite fix researchers are still left wondering how the attack was carried out in the first place. The company said its customer service has been reaching out the affected users and providing assistance to ensure that the security risks are being removed,…
Cybercrime, Security News

ShadowHammer attack installed backdoors on a million ASUS devices

Backdoors added to ASUS computers through its software update platform resulted in what Kaspersky researchers are calling one of the largest supply chain incidents ever, “ShadowHammer,” which even surpassed the scope of the CCleaner attack. Researchers estimated malware was distributed to nearly a million people, although the cybercriminals appeared to have only targeted 600 specific…
Malware, Security News

ShadowHammer code found in several video games

An adjunct to the ShadowHammer campaign has been uncovered that has video games being implanted with malware in a similar manner as was done with ASUS computers. Kaspersky Labs’ GReAT team previously disclosed ShadowHammer in March, after discovering the supply chain attack in January, but this time it tracked a case from the creator of…
Cybercrime, IoT, Malware, Security News

Mirai malware family variants rack up exploit totals

A newly discovered variant of Echobot, an offshoot of the Mirai family of Internet of Things botnet malware, was found to contain a whopping 26 different exploits for infecting victim machines. This revelation is the latest in a string of research reports detailing Mirai-related malwares with increasingly large exploit totals. In a company blog post…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Android spyware BusyGasper has many features, but few known victims

A newly discovered mobile malware implant nicknamed BusyGasper might leave a few Android users breathless, if they knew about the unusual set of features the spyware uses to snoop on them. In an Aug. 29 blog post, Kaspersky Lab researcher Alexey Firsh reports that BusyGasper has existed since at least May 2016. But there’s a good reason it’s…
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Microsoft-certified software drivers found to be security risks

More than 40 Microsoft-certified software drivers from 20 high-profile vendors have been found to contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker, a new report revealed. Researchers at Eclypsium said the drivers were found on a variety of devices, including products from Toshiba, ASUS, NVIDIA, and Intel and has led Eclypsium to ask Microsoft…
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