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WannaLocker ransomware found combined with RAT and banking trojan

Researchers are warning that a new version of WannaLocker – essentially a mobile derivative of WannaCry ransomware – has been enhanced with spyware, remote access trojan and banking trojan capabilities. Cybercriminals have been using the all-in-one malware package in a campaign targeting Brazilian banks and their Android mobile customers, according to a July 1 blog…

Star Trek-themed Captain ‘Kirk’ ransomware with Spock decryptor spotted

A cybercriminal who obviously watches way too much television has gone where many have gone before and rolled out a new malware family called Kirk ransomware. Kirk’s creators did have a sense of humor when putting together their scheme. The malware, which was uncovered by Avast cyber researcher Jakub Kroustek, contains a short list of…
MacOS ransomware laptop

MacOS security reputation challenged by new ransomware-as-a-service

Mac computers are being targeted by a new strain of malware created to infect the OS. In a blog post, security researchers Rommel Joven and Wayne Chin Yick Low of Fortinet said that they detected ransomware created for MacOS that is being offered as ransomware as a service (RaaS) on the Dark Web. The RaaS uses…

Ransomware Resurrected

As Stephen King once put it, “Sometimes they come back.”  Like a dormant volcano that may suddenly awaken at any moment, ransomware programs are an unpredictable lot. They may lay low for a while, or fall out of favor. But then they reemerge, often with new tricks up their sleeve. Indeed, ransomwares never truly die…
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