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Carter Page to take the Fifth

Page will not meet the demands of the Senate Intelligence Committee to provide a variety of documents for its probe of Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.
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Secret court judge orders FBI to reform FISA process

Spurred by a Justice Department inspector general (IG) report that found the FBI made serious mistakes in a FISA surveillance application during its Russia probe, a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge ordered the bureau to submit changes to the process for obtaining permission for surveillance. “The frequency with which representations made by F.B.I. personnel turned…
Donald Trump
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Citing DoJ, ‘key allies’ concerns,Trump delays release of classified data

President Trump pumped the brakes Friday on his earlier order to release classified data included in a FISA warrant on his former campaign foreign policy aide Carter Page and texts among a number of FBI agents, citing concerns from Justice Department officials that the declassification could have a “perceived negative impact” on the Russian interference…
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Barr said to dispute Justice IG’s finding that FBI had legal basis for Trump campaign probe

Attorney William Barr reportedly has signaled that he’ll dispute the apparent finding in the much-anticipated Justice Department Inspector General (IG) report that in the summer of 2016 the FBI had enough evidence to pursue an investigation into Trump campaign members’ ties to and possible coordination with Russian operatives. IG Michael Horowitz is expected to conclude…
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