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Gen V Security – Bridging the (Cybersecurity) Generation Gap

Over the past 30 years, both cyber-attacks and security protections have rapidly evolved. Looking back, it’s easy to identify successive generations of attacks, security solutions and the point at which the pace of the attack evolution started to exceed the levels of security most businesses had deployed. Fast forward to today, and attacks targeting enterprises are…

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions we often are asked about the reviews process. If you have queries regarding reviews, please check this first to see if we have answered your question already. We will update this document regularly. 1. Before the review 1.1 Can I send you a product to review?Yes! But first we need some…

How we test

What’s considered? Products are rated in six categories: • Features, • Ease of use, • Performance, • Documentation, • Support, and • Value for money. Each product is then given an Overall rating, which is determined from a combination of these categories. Ratings are marked from one to five stars, which is referred to as the star rating: * * * * * Outstanding in…
Threat Intel Feature
InfoSec Insider

Threat Modeling: What, Why, and How?

Threat modeling is essential to becoming proactive and strategic in your operational and application security. In this feature article, you'll learn what threat modeling is, how it relates to threat intelligence, and how and why to start.

Product Review

Kaspersky Lab Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business (KESB) was developed to protect an entire IT infrastructure. The vast majority of platforms are supported, such as Windows, Linux and Mac workstation and server operating systems; mail servers like Exchange, LMS, and others; collaboration servers like MS SharePoint, web gateways, mobile devices, removable storage and so on. The latest…
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InfoSec Insider

A Primer on Breach and Attack Simulations

In this age of vendors offering simple solutions to complex problems, defenders need the ability to see past the glamour of marketing. That's where attack simulation technology can help, enabling use cases in the market that help answer pressing questions in enterprise security.

Attack patterns
InfoSec Insider

How to Make Sense of Attack Patterns

In this featured post, we speak to TrustedSec Founder Dave Kennedy who offers up advice on how you can set up your security department’s defenses to respond and defend against common attacks.

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