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Automate your mobile application security without the staff

Mobile devices have overtaken desktop devices as the leading means to access applications and the internet. The growing demand for mobile apps creates a need for developers to improve their processes and release new features at an unprecedented rate to stay ahead of the competition. Consequently, the development community embraces newer processes such as Agile…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Putting zero trust into action

If awards were given for “Security Phrase of the Year”, surely zero trust would win the top prizes for 2019. The term graced the headlines of countless cyber industry articles, blogs, case studies and PowerPoint presentations, all created by organizations hoping to harness the power of this construct. The excitement is understandable, because it sure…
Executive Insight, Phishing

Going stealth: Bad guys embrace the power of branding

By Stu Sjouwerman Since the very dawn of organized phishing attacks, the bad guys have recognized the power of exploiting trusted brands and online services. Our original experience with phishing was defined by spoofed emails purporting to hail from popular banks. Their objective was simple: trick users into coughing up their online banking credentials with…
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Voting system security standards fail to secure the vote

By Mike Weber, VP of Labs, Coalfire Many days have passed since American citizens came out in droves to place their votes. While most races are a lock, others are still in the process of ballot counting as analysts, politicians, and the public are reflecting on, and in some cases questioning, the validity of the results.…
Executive Insight, Security News

The Need for Trust amidst the “Zero Trust” Movement

My entrance into the world of technology and cybersecurity coincidentally occurred in simultaneous fashion with what Symantec has coined the Big Boom age[1] of data breach. It was March 2005 that the world witnessed the first data breach to include over one million compromised records at DSW Shoe Warehouse. Since then and as of today,…
Executive Insight, Opinions

Giving the game away: Five obvious “tells” in malicious emails

By Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 As the online threats to organizations have grown over the past 10-15 years, security awareness training (SAT) has become a critical component of the security infrastructure deployed by IT departments to protect their networks from attacks by malicious actors, whether those attacks are driven by increasingly sophisticated phishing campaigns, voice-driven…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Securing Your Supply Chain: Mitigating Supplier and Contractor Risk

The rise of breaches caused by third-party vendors reached an all-time high in 2018. This has driven organizations to take a much closer look at supplier and contractor security controls, as well as risk exposure throughout the delivery supply chain. According to a survey conducted last year by the Ponemon Institute, the average organization has…
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