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New 'Rombertik' malware destroys master boot record if analysis function detected

VPNFilter malware affects even more network devices, can deliver exploits to endpoints

The VPNFilter malware that was discovered infecting hundreds of thousands of routers and Network Attached Storage devices since at least 2016 is apparently an even more serious threat than originally reported. A new blog post today from Cisco Systems’  Talos threat intelligence unit reports that researchers have identified even more device makes and models as targets, and…

Cisco takes a second crack at fixing critical ASA bug

Cisco Systems on Monday released a second fix for a critical vulnerability in the XML parser of its Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) after finding additional attack vendors and learning that its previous repair job was insufficient.

Researchers attribute Flash Player zero-day attacks to rapidly advancing North Korean APT group

Multiple researchers are reporting that an increasingly sophisticated North Korean hacking group is responsible for an attack campaign actively exploiting CVE-2018-4878, a critical use-after-free flaw in Flash Player that has not yet been patched by Adobe Systems. The malicious actor, which Cisco Systems’ Talos threat research team refers to as Group 123, is connected to no…
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