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Data Breach, Security News

Evidence tying Cobalt Group to Magecart Group 4 unveiled

The security firms Malwarebytes and HYAS have strung together several pieces of evidence that they believe tie Magecart Group 4 to the Cobalt Group. The two companies found that the Cobalt Group and Magecart Group 4 have several overarching similarities, such as the use of advanced techniques during their attacks and a history with banking…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

OceanLotus ATP group uses new Kerrdown downloader to deliver payloads

Researchers have discovered a previously unknown custom downloader family that reputed Vietnamese APT group OceanLotus has been using since at least early 2018 to infect victims with payloads such as Cobalt Strike Beacon. The ongoing campaign’s targets are either based in Vietnam or speak Vietnamese, which is in keeping with the m.o. of OceanLotus, which is known to…
trojan, RAT
Malware, Security News

Tetris game app used to distribute PyXie Python RAT

A new remote access trojan whose name reminds one of a fairytale and not the potential nightmare it could bring to its victim has been disclosed by Cylance. PyXie Python RAT has been flitting about since 2018 helping deliver ransomware and other malware to the healthcare and education industries. The RAT has been tracked being…
Security News

Sun sets on Cobalt

Sun is quietly discontinuing its Cobalt series of appliance products despite analyst predictions of strong growth in the appliance market in general, and the security appliance market in particular.
Cybercrime, Malware, Phishing, Security News

Cobalt Gang phishing campaign targets Eastern Europeans with CobInt backdoor-downloader

The Cobalt Gang cybercrime group has launched a new round of phishing campaigns targeting primarily Russian and Romanian banking customers with CobInt, a recently discovered malicious backdoor and downloader. Written in C, CobInt is comprised of three stages: a first-stage downloader, the primary payload, and a series of modules capable of reconnaissance activities such as capturing…
Malware, Security News

Malicious doc campaign unleashes Cobalt Strike on gov’t, military orgs in South Asia

A military-themed malware campaign targeting military and government organizations in South Asia unleashes “maldocs” that spread full remote-access trojan (RAT) capabilities. The multistage chain attack, which began in 2018, infects endpoints with customized beacons and a modular dropper that Talos calls IndigoDrop, which executes the final payloads, Cisco Talos reported in a blog post. “This…
Retail, Security News

Fin6 using FrameworkPOS scraping malware in POS attacks

The threat group Fin6 has been connected to a string of point-of-sale attacks against VMWare Horizon thin clients. The security firm Morphisec Labs reported the attacks have been taking place for eight to 10 weeks with a particular spike on Feb. 6 that saw numerous attempted downloads of the Cobalt Strike backdoor. Morphisec has tentatively connected…
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