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Phishing-Specific SOAR Gets You to Mitigation Faster

When a malicious email slips past perimeter tech defenses, you need to find it and respond in minutes, not two or three months. But no one has unlimited budget or staffing to sift through phishing alerts, verify threats, and help stop attacks in progress. To analyze and respond to emails faster, CofenseTM adds the power…
Reboot Leadership Awards 2018

Top Management – Rohyt Belani

Category: Top Management Name: Rohyt Belani Title: CEO  Company: Cofense Why nominated: Now with over 500 employees, including some based in a new European Phishing Defense Center, Cofense – created as PhishMe by Rohyt Belani and his business partner Aaron Higbee and acquired in 2018 by a private equity consortium where it was rebranded – under Belani’s tutelage plans…
Email Security, Security News

Facebook, YouTube used in Brazilian phishing scheme

A cybercriminal gang has put together a phishing campaign that utilizes several trusted sources, along with insider help from a top tier security company service to convince its victims to open and download a malicious attachment. Cofense Intelligence found the malicious actors, who are only targeting Brazilians, are extensively using trusted names, legitimate Windows services…
Phishing, Security News

Greed is good… for this phishing scam

Cofense has come across a particularly seductive phishing scam that uses the lure of a wage increase to entice workers to spill their Microsoft Office 365 credentials. The spoofed email differs little from other varieties used in phishing attacks, except this one purportedly comes from a corporate human resources department regarding a company-wide pay hike…

Rohyt Belani, CEO, Cofense at RSA Conference 2018

Rohyt Belani, CEO of Cofense, stopped by the SC Media booth at the RSA Conference 2018 to talk about the way Cofense is helping to combat phishing attacks of all types. Take a look at this short video to hear Rohyt speak about how they are training humans to be better at stopping attacks and the…

Say “Ah!” A closer look at phishing in the healthcare industry

How resilient is healthcare to phishing? Healthcare is a favorite – and profitable – target for cyberattacks. If you work for a healthcare company, or if you’re a patient or subscriber, you’re familiar with all the data the industry gathers and threat actors crave: name, date of birth, Social Security number, mailing address, email address,…
Phishing, Security News

Event invitation phishing scheme usurps efficacy of Microsoft, Google and Wells Fargo

A phishing campaign in multiple enterprise email environments purportedly protected by Proofpoint and Microsoft entices users with false event invitations in the form of .ics calendar invite attachments, Cofense Phishing Defense Center (PDC) reported. The convoluted scheme dupes recipients into thinking their bank accounts have been compromised, even though the ruse’s initial focus is stuffing…

Uncomfortable Truth #1 about Phishing Defense

Part 1 of a 5-part series.    The threat posed by phishing is not new. For many years, the media and research papers have been littered with examples of data breaches that have been traced back to phishing attacks.   Organizations have attempted to tackle the threat through investments in next-gen technologies and increased employee…
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