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Ransomware: To pay or not to pay

The crudely written ransom notes in movies 20-30 years ago may have been replaced by more modern, digital missives – like a texted photo a la Liam Neeson’s “Taken” – but the message remains the same: Pay up or else.   That is the quandary business owners, municipal governments, school administrators and even librarians are now…
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Ransomware: There are no easy answers

Any competent business advisor would likely tell a client that spending $76,000 in order to potentially fend off an incident that could cost that organizations millions of dollars would be money well spent. But what happens to that calculus when the outlay is a ransom demanded by cybercriminals who managed to infiltrate your computer network,…
Email Security

New Phishing scam combines FedEx and Google Drive to lure victims

Several universities and more than 20 companies have been hit with malware whose creators are using several layers of subterfuge to camouflage their phishing attack by taking advantage of a few trusted brand names. The new scam was uncovered by Comodo and eventually leads to an info stealer malware being installed. So far it has…
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Security News

New phishing scam targets FedEx customers

A new phishing scam targeting FedEx customers uses a social engineering scheme that strikes the one nerve all these people have in common. The desire to have their package delivered.
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