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Ransomware, Security News

Ransomware: To pay or not to pay

The crudely written ransom notes in movies 20-30 years ago may have been replaced by more modern, digital missives – like a texted photo a la Liam Neeson’s “Taken” – but the message remains the same: Pay up or else.   That is the quandary business owners, municipal governments, school administrators and even librarians are now…
Security News

Supply and Demand (for security)

2018 was the year that raised the alarm in earnest about potential vulnerabilities in the supply chain for enterprise computing systems. But with such diverse networks and widespread dependence on third parties, how can organizations expect to plug all potential leaks?  Karen Epper Hoffman reports. It sounds like the stuff of a modern-day John LeCarre novel: The…
In Depth

Trump cyber policy taking shape

Cybersecurity staff and policy are slowly developing under the Trump administration. Will the new cyberarsenal match the tweeting rhetoric. Larry Jaffee enquires.
Top 5 influential IT security thinkers

Top 5 influential IT security thinkers

This year-end special section focuses on people who represent the highest degree of professionalism in security, individuals who stand out for their technical skills, managerial prowess, insight and advocacy.
Larry Whiteside

Advanced threats: Assume the worst

In today's sophisticated malware and intrusion tactics, organizations should already assume they have been compromised. The key is readiness, says Larry Whiteside, CISO, Visiting Nurse Service of N.Y.
Security News

Sweet charity

When Jim Thie showed up in Americus, Ga. one day last year to interview for the chief information officer job at Habitat for Humanity International, he quickly figured out he was a long way from the corporate world.
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