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COVID-19: You won’t get a pass on cybersecurity

The COVID-19 outbreak provides ripe opportunities for criminal actors to exploit fear, uncertainty, and companies ill prepared to to secure remote workers, driven to home offices by travel restrictions and social-distancing. The first threat comes in the form of misinformation and weaponized websites and documents. Websites and apps with outbreak maps are attracting unwitting victims…

COVID-19 has changed business, but threat actors and tools remain strangely familiar

The coronavirus pandemic has forced massive changes upon businesses, but the overall cyber threat landscape remains relatively stable, according to researchers at FireEye. Yes, malicious actors are now leveraging global fears to create phishing schemes built around COVID-19. But the main threat actors are still the same and their methodologies, offensive weapons and goals remain…

How to Stop the COVID-19 Phishing Outbreak

Organizations in every industry are seeing a spike in attempts to exploit anxiety about COVID-19 through phishing email and websites that impersonate the CDC, offer vaccines, and prompt users toward the fateful clicks and credential harvesting that lead to malware, ransomware, data theft and rogue financial transactions.
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HackerOne bug bounty hunters give to COVID-19 relief fund

HackerOne is helping white hat hackers to donate some of their bug bounties to benefit groups battling COVID-19. The group has created a specific website,, where HackerOne participants can “invite” hackforgood as a collaborator on any bug bounty program on which they are working. As a collaborator they can then be assigned a portion,…
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Cybersecurity makes World Economic Forum’s top 10 Covid-19 global fallout list

The World Economic Forum mainly concerns itself with high-level macroeconomic issues such as global recessions and world economic development. That’s why it was significant this week when the WEF cited cybersecurity as one of its “Top 10 Fallout” issues from COVID-19 in its Global Risks report. Nearly 38 percent of those surveyed say changing work…

Reports of COVID-19 malware threats heavier in states with increased testing

Newly published telemetry data collected by the researchers at Bitdefender suggests that U.S. reports of coronavirus-themed malware threat activity have been heaviest in states where testing has increased and the total number of confirmed infections has grown. Among U.S. states, California reported the most threats in both March and April, followed by Texas. New York…

Coronavirus Threat and Preparation

SC Media’s complete coverage: Threat and Preparation The novel coronavirus is challenging organizations on all fronts. Leaders must contend not only with cyberattackers leveraging COVID-19, but also employee, customer and partner concerns, and business continuity and risk management planning. Visit this page for ongoing updates to coverage from SC Media and other CyberRisk Alliance affiliates —…
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Mobile ransomware disguised as upcoming Canadian Covid-19 contact tracing app

Capitalizing on a Canadian government announcement pertaining to the development of a nationwide, voluntary Covid-19 contact tracing app, malicious actors this month created a fake version of such an app that in reality infects Android users with mobile ransomware. According to a new blog post from ESET, the ransomware, dubbed CryCryptor, was found being distributed…
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Threat parallels: Coronavirus and cybersecurity

Thanks to COVID-19, I am in quarantine after traveling to Germany. I’m not used to working from home! There are a lot of adjustments I’ve had to make. The process is giving me a good deal of empathy for the challenges people and businesses are facing around the globe. The concept of quarantine because of…
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Amnesty Int’l: Norway, Bahrain & Kuwait Covid-19 apps threaten privacy

An Amnesty International study of 11 Covid-19 contact tracing apps from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa found identified apps from Bahrain, Kuwait and Norway as the most dangerous to users’ privacy. In a news release published on Tuesday, the human rights organization’s Security Lab said Bahrain’s ‘BeAware Bahrain’, Kuwait’s ‘Shlonik’ and Norway’s ‘Smittestopp’…
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