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Cybereason Deep Hunting Platform

The Deep Hunting Platform by Cybereason allows organizations to protect their environment from even the most advanced threats. The cloud-based hunting engine takes feeds from the endpoint sensor to paint a picture of what is happening in your environment. These events are analyzed for malicious activity which Cybereason refers to as “malops,” or malicious operations.…
Operators again revive Pushdo botnet, use a popular tactic to stay hidden
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Years-long malware operation hides njRAT in cracked hacking tools

Malicious actors have been secretly embedding the njRAT remote access trojan in free hacking tools as well as cracks of those tools, in a bid to compromise anyone who downloads this software from various websites and forums. Essentially, this adversary is trying to turn other hackers into victims, taking over their machines for reasons that could…
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Brazilian-made bank trojan use spreading

When it comes to banking trojans Brazil is not only a leading manufacturer, but most often its residents bear the brunt of these attacks, however, Cybereason has found the same malware normally used to attack this South American country has spread worldwide. The malware was found by Cybereason is being used against banks in more…
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Cyber Defense Platform 19

Cybereason’s Cyber Defense Platform combines prevention, detection and response into a lightweight agent. This multilayered endpoint protection platform delivers signature and signature-less anti-malware functionality to prevent known and unknown threats. It also applies behavioral and deception techniques to prevent ransomware and fileless threats by using layered prevention to collect raw data from endpoints and pass…
Power plant Russia
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Hackers pounce on honeypot gateway to a ‘power station’

While the cybercrime ecosystem usually conjures a 21st Century online bazaar for buying and selling credit card numbers, some hackers possess loftier goals. Attackers stepped into a honeypot environment that was set up by Cybereason to emulate a gateway to a power substation of a major electricity provider in the U.S. shortly after credential became…
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