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Portrait of a hacker

The underground network of hackers and cyber profiteers are under more pressure from law enforcement, reports Deb Radcliff.

Cyberthreats: A long haul

Enterprises are under constant seige from cyberthreats that continue to evolve to new levels of sophistication, reports Deb Radcliff.
Security News

Remote control wars

Monitoring an illicit Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channel recently, Nicholas Albright couldnt believe what he was seeing. First, he observed a network operator sending commands to install keyloggers on thousands of compromised, remote-controlled computers. Then, all this private data started flying over the channel — HIPAA-protected medical information, financial account numbers, usernames and passwords.
Cybercrime: Narrowing the gap

Cybercrime: Narrowing the gap

The $1 trillion cybercrime industry is expertly - and competitively - run. Take a peek into the inner workings of these syndicates and how the good guys are closing in.
1109 crime 1986

What’s old is new again

Today, criminals are using amped-up techniques to tap into a perpetual cycle of fraud and identity theft, reports Deb Radcliff.
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