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The danger of threat hyperbole

Just skimming the headlines last week, one would think cyber space blew up. But it was just a few DDoS attacks. And with a White House cyber security executive order looming, it's critical that all stakeholders act with reason.
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How Online Gaming Companies Can Forecast & Protect Against DDoS

By Daniel Smith, head of security research, Radware’s emergency response team One of the most significant issues facing the online gaming industry is service availability as large-scale Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are still an everyday occurrence. Unfortunately, denial of service attacks have always and will always be a part of the gaming culture,…
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Cyber Reflection: Real-World Events & New Era of Risk

By Kirill Kasavchenko In an increasingly politically and economically volatile landscape, cybercrime has become the new geopolitical tool. Attacks on political websites and critical national infrastructure services are ever more frequent not only due to the ease of launching but also due to desire and capabilities of attackers to impact on real-world events such as election…
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