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Black Hat 2012 Notebook

Like it or not, the NSA will be at DefCon

To the casual observer, Black Hat and DefCon might look the same. But those who have been attending the annual Las Vegas events for years know the shows take on decidedly distinct tones. While Black Hat has turned noticeably more corporate -- yet still edgy -- over the years, DefCon has emerged as the more unruly (cooler?) of the two.
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DefCon to feds: You’re not welcome this year

The conference's founder, Jeff Moss, who happens to sit on a U.S. government advisory board, said recent revelations about the NSA's vast surveillance program has made attendees "uncomfortable" about fed presence at the show this year.
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Report: NSA to recruit from DEFCON attendee pool

Hackers attending the annual DEFCON show in Las Vegas this weekend won't just have the opportunity to see stimulating presentations and network with peers - they also may be able to score a government job. According to a report in Reuters, the National Security Agency will be at the $150-cash-only event, recruiting some of the brightest computer security minds to join the U.S. government as "cyber warriors." The NSA is looking to hire 3,000 people over the next two fiscal years for roles in cyber offense and defense. But this isn't the first time U.S. government agencies have been at DEFCON to recruit potential employees. In fact, the show's founder, Jeff Moss, is also a member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Advisory Council. On the flip side, federal authorities also have made arrests at the show.
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