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IoT risks become intimate after researcher hacks sex toy
Security News

Digital extortionist offer high six-figure salaries to accomplices

Cybercriminals are promising salaries of up to $360,000 a year to accomplices who seek to extort high networth individuals such as C-Level executives, lawyers, and doctors. These bribes can be even higher for those who have network management, penetration testing, and programming skills with one threat actor willing to pay the equivalent of $768,000 annually,…
Cybercrime Extortion in 2019
InfoSec Insider

Cybercrime Extortion: 2019 Trends and Insights

Cyber swindlers are continually looking to reinvent themselves, and their methods are becoming savvier. InfoSec Insider caught up with Digital Shadows CISO Rick Holland on the recent research that his team has conducted on cybercrime extortion, and how security practitioners can secure their organizations don't fall prey to these attacks.

Dark Web Threats Main
InfoSec Insider

A Discussion on Dark Web Threats in 2018

InfoSec Insider catches up with Digital Shadows CISO Rick Holland, who discusses the latest dark web threats this year, and what security practitioners should have on their radar.

Threat intel cityscape
InfoSec Insider

How to Leverage Structured Analytic Techniques in Threat Intelligence

Security professionals are over the hype surrounding threat intelligence. Now, they're aiming to find better ways to operationalize it. In this interview with Digital Shadows' Rick Holland, he explains why structured analytic techniques are an effective way to make sense and leverage your threat intelligence data.

Cloud Security, Malware, Security News

‘Nameless’ malware attacks 1.2TB database in the cloud

The virus escaped with 6 million files that it grabbed from desktop and downloads folders. Screenshots made by the malware revealed that it spread via illegal Adobe PhotoShop software, Windows cracking tools, and pirated games.
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