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Cybercrime Extortion in 2019
InfoSec Insider

Cybercrime Extortion: 2019 Trends and Insights

Cyber swindlers are continually looking to reinvent themselves, and their methods are becoming savvier. InfoSec Insider caught up with Digital Shadows CISO Rick Holland on the recent research that his team has conducted on cybercrime extortion, and how security practitioners can secure their organizations don't fall prey to these attacks.

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15B credentials available on dark web; average selling price below $16

There are more than 15 billion stolen account credentials being sold or even shared for free on the dark web, with individual entries selling for an average of $15.43, a new research report states. Roughly one-third of the credentials, or about 5 billion, are unique, according to Digital Shadows, whose researchers reached these totals following…
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Facebook users’ data, private messages found up for sale online

Facebook is reportedly suggesting that malicious browser extensions may be behind yet another data breach affecting users of the social media platform – this one involving at least 257,256 stolen profiles, including 81,208 that included private messages. Journalists from the BBC, aided by researchers from Digital Shadows, began investigating the matter last September after seeing the accounts…

COVID-19 hurts travel and event fraudsters, but buoys online carding schemes

Just as legitimate businesses have had to make major adjustments to the realities of COVID-19, the cybercriminal underground economy has also had to stay nimble. Indeed, a new dark web report from Digital Shadows’ Photo Research Team shows that some hacking forum members are in a struggle to keep their cybercriminal operations afloat, while others…
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Women in Security – Veterans

These women started in different places and have been navigating the changing security landscape long enough to be considered veterans, navigating pitfalls and seizing opportunities as they’ve come along. Celeste Fralick chief data scientist and senior principal engineer, McAfee Even for the 1980s, Celeste Fralick’s first job in data science was a bit old-fashioned. At…
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Exposed files saw 50 percent uptick in last year

In the year since the Digital Shadows Photon Research Team released its “Too Much Information” report, the volume data exposed through online files stores like Amazon S3 buckets, SMB-enabled file shares, and network attached storage (NAS) drives increased 50 percent – or 750 million files – in with researchers finding 2.3 billion files exposed. The…
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