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Privacy rights group files complaint over Adobe, AOL Safe Harbor compliance
Cybercrime, Security News

Moldovian sentenced for stealing millions using Bugat banking malware

A Moldovian national was sentenced to time served by a federal court for his crime of conspiracy and damaging a computer. Andrey Ghinkul, also known as, Andrei Ghincul and Smilex, was arrested in Cyprus in August 2015 and extradited to the United States in February 2016. Ghinkul faced up to 108 months in prison, but…
Russia flag
Security News

Cisco Talos ties Angler disappearance to Russian arrests

Researchers at Cisco Talos believe the disappearance of the Angler exploit kit (EK) from the threat landscape may be a long-term situation and that its absence is most likely tied to the take down of a Russian gang by law enforcement in early June.
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Cylance Protect AV vulnerability patched

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s CERT Coordination Center is issued patch for a recently disclosed vulnerability in Cylance Protect. The vulnerability note, VU#489481, said that prior to a July 21, 2019, update Protect contained flaws that allow an adversary to craft malicious files that the AV product would likely mistake for simply being benign files.…
Coronavirus, Security News

Threat actors play on people’s desire to help cure Coronavirus

Much like the new cases of COVID-19 that occur daily, cybercriminals are constantly rolling out new tactics, techniques and procedures based on the pandemic. One of the newer attacks, first observed on March 7, uses a Coronavirus themed email to spread RedLine Stealer malware. This is described as a particularly well designed, written and developed…
Microsoft4 (1)

New and old Windows vulnerabilities top Alienvault list

Adobe’s Flash Player may gain a lot of negative headlines, but when it comes to the most frequented targeted software Microsoft Office and Windows beat out the much maligned Adobe software. A new report from Alienvault, the first in a series of three, based on numbers from the company’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX) platform found…
Ransomware, Security News

A tale of two ransomware attacks

Two schools, two ransomware attack and two different outcomes. The Allegheny Intermediate Unit school system was able to fend off a recent ransomware attack using back up files, meanwhile the University of Maastricht just disclosed it paid 30 bitcoins to regain control of its encrypted computer network. Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU), a regional public education…
Attackers get cash out of ATMs by sending SMS messages
Security News

GozNym banking malware spotted now in Europe

IBM's X-Force reported today the actors behind the hybrid GozNym banking trojan that stole $4 million from U.S. banks in March have released a new configuration that is targeting European banks.
Security News

RAUM weaponizes torrents to deliver malware

A new and sophisticated tool dubbed RAUM has been uncovered that targets naïve torrent users who download popular software or media content and then replaces the desired content with malware.
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