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The first half of 2013 saw a 355 percent uptick in social spam. Facebook is a big target.
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Renewed Emotet phishing activity targets UN, government and military users

Since resuming operations after a holiday hiatus, the malicious actors behind the Emotet banking trojan network have reportedly targeted at least 82 countries with spam and crafted a special phishing campaign targeting the United Nations. Meanwhile, an additional report has revealed an increase in Emotet phishing activity targeting government and military entities over the last…
Variant of Emotet banking malware used in spam campaign
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Emotet back in action

The Emotet botnet is back from a four-month vacation with a new spam campaign that began early on September 16. The initial burst of emails mainly targeted German, Polish, and Italian speakers with a sprinkling of English folks also receiving the emails with a subject line containing the phrase “payment remittance advice,” the Malwarebytes Threat…
Emotet analysis.
InfoSec Insider

Glimpsing Inside the Trojan Horse: An Insider Analysis of Emotet

Emotet is a highly sophisticated malware with a modular architecture, installing its main component first before delivering additional payloads. In this contributed article, Darktrace's Max Heinemeyer, director of threat hunting, breaks down the threat.


New variant of Emotet loader spreads internally like worm

Samples of the malicious downloader Emotet have begun to surface with the ability to internally propagate, using credential brute-force techniques. The latest evolution of the trojan, which typically drops credential stealers and banking trojans, was reported today in a Fidelis Cybersecurity blog post that suggests the actors behind the campaign may have been inspired by the Wannacry and…
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Emotet banking trojan possibly being prepped for a new attack

Security researchers are seeing signs that the Emotet banking trojan is about to awaken from its latest hiatus by deploying newly improved credential and email stealing modules. Emotet last came to life in January 2020 but analysts with the Herjavec Group believe the new modules are being placed as a first step toward the launch…
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Great White North bombarded with malicious email campaigns, report

During the first four months of 2019 threat actors conducted thousands of malicious email campaigns, hundreds of which targeted Canadian organizations. Proofpoint researchers detected nearly 100 campaigns that specifically geo-targeted Canada or were customized for Canadian audiences in the first four months of 2019 mostly using the Emotet banking trojan, according to Proofpoint’s Beyond “North…
Laptop containing patient data goes missing from Mississippi hospital
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Hackers play on Coronavirus fears to spread Emotet

Cybercriminals are exploiting fears over the outbreak of Coronavirus in China, sending out emails with malicious Word attachments purportedly providing updates on preventing infection but in actuality delivering the Emotet trojan. “Patients were reported about the new type of coronavirus-related pneumonia, mainly in Takeshi, China. Patients have been reported in Gifu Prefecture in Japan,Therefore, please…
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