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Facebook breach exposes info on 50M users

A breach at Facebook that was uncovered Tuesday has exposed information on almost 50 million users, forcing 90 million users to log out of their accounts to safeguard their data. While the company does not yet know who was behind the attack, it said the vulnerability has been fixed. “Our investigation is still in its…
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Report: Spammers, not nation-state actors, suspected in Facebook breach

Facebook now suspects it was criminal scam artists and not nation-state actors who compromised tens of millions of accounts in a major data breach that was discovered last month, according to the Wall Street Journal. Citing individuals familiar with the breach investigation, the WSJ reported yesterday that Facebook believes the culprits are known social media…
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Philippines orders Facebook to offer ID protections following breach

Among the 30 million accounts affected in the September 2018 Facebook data breach incident were 755,973 users in the Philippines, and now the Southeast Asian nation is demanding action from the social media company, according to a report from area news outlet ABS-CBN News. The report states that Manila’s National Privacy Commission yesterday ordered Facebook to file a…
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Facebook breach could have impacted third-party apps; is huge GDPR fine on the horizon?

As security experts continue to assess the scope and impact of a Facebook data breach affecting nearly 50 million accounts, the social media giant reportedly could be assessed a financial penalty of as much as $1.63 billion for violating Europe’s GDPR regulations. The Wall Street Journal arrived at this figure by calculating four percent of…
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EPIC, Open Markets Institute and other groups urge FTC to break up Facebook

The Electronic Privacy Information Center announced it has joined a coalition of groups urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC ) in a letter to break up Facebook  as well as issue strong penalties against the social media giant. The coalition also consists of the Open Market Institute,Electronic Privacy Information Center Color of Change, Common Sense…
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1 billion reasons why compliance matters

By Jason Wang, CEO of TrueVault The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is starting to show its teeth as regulators evaluate penalties for Facebook after a high-profile security breach of user data. If Facebook is found to be in violation of GDPR, the technology company could be facing more than $1 billion (roughly…
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Facebook Scandal Reveals Need for Better Data Policies

The bad news continues to mount for Facebook in the wake of its massive data scandal. Trust in Facebook’s data handling has tanked, with just 27% of people now thinking Facebook would protect their privacy compared with 79% last year, a study by the Ponemon Institute found. Two days of Congressional testimony by Facebook CEO…
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California’s new IoT security law is not nearly enough – We need a GDPR for IoT…NOW!

By Sudhakar Ramakrishna, CEO, Pulse Secure After years of undisclosed breaches, stolen identities and negligent data handling, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is forcing companies to get serious about data privacy. Lawsuits against Google and Facebook were filed the day GDPR went into effect, and it appears the law’s teeth will soon be tested…
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Google+ API glitch exposed user profile data to developers

Concerned that it would draw the ire of regulators and that its reputation would take a hit, Google hid a glitch that exposed the personal data of hundreds of thousands of users on Google+, which the company has now shuttered. Between 2015 and March 2015, profile data was accessible to third-party developers, but while Google…
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Using Social Auth with Your App? 4 Steps to Protect Your Users and Mitigate Security Concerns

By Keith Casey, Okta API Problem Solver Another day, another breach headline. What’s unique about the latest Facebook breach is that it’s the source of truth for many other companies and applications who use social platforms for authentication. A vulnerability in a social authentication service has far-reaching effects across thousands of apps and millions of users.…
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