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New Fallout exploit kit peppers malvertising victims with GandCrab, SmokeLoader malware

Attackers are leveraging a newly discovered exploit kit in an international malvertising campaign that’s been observed delivering GandCrab ransomware and the SmokeLoader malicious downloader, as well as engaging victims in social engineering scams. Nicknamed Fallout, the kit exploits a remote code execution vulnerability in outdated versions of the Windows VBScript engine and an arbitrary code…
Malware, Security News

RIG, Fallout EKs used to deliver new SystemBC malware

Researchers have come across a new proxy malware program that’s being delivered by the RIG and Fallout exploit kits as part of a larger campaign to infect victims with malicious payloads such as the Danabot banking trojan. Proofpoint’s Threat Insight Team began to track the malware, called SystemBC, on June 4 when it was observed…

Malvertising scam leverages domain names that sound like legit COVID-19 sites

A recently discovered malvertising campaign is hosting the Fallout exploit kit on attacker-controlled websites featuring domain names that falsely imply they provide useful information about the novel coronavirus. The ultimate goal is to infect victims with KPOT v2.0, an information and password stealer, according to a new blog post from the Avast Threat Intelligence team,…
Cybercrime, Malware, Security News, Website/Web Server Security

Malvertising campaign spoofs Malwarebytes website to deliver Raccoon info-stealer

Malicious actors created a fake webpage that impersonates cybersecurity company Malwarebytes and were using it as a gateway in a malvertising campaign designed to infect victims with the Raccoon information stealer. The malvertisements, which likely appeared on adult websites, automatically redirected site visitors to the fake page without any customer interaction, according to the Malwarebytes…
Malware, Security News

ACBbackdoor trojan designed to hit Linux and Windows systems

Intezer Security has found a new backdoor, ACBackdoor, that has no known connection to an operating threat group creating the possibility it could be a harbinger of a new gang’s formation. ACBackdoor is primarily a Linux malware, but Intezer has spotted a Windows variant and the company believes it was created by an experienced group…
Ransomware, Security News

Cybercriminals double up using Vidar and GandCrab in single attacks

At least one threat actor is using a combination of the info stealer Vidar and GandCrab ransomware to put a double whammy on their victims and increase their odds of coming away with something value during an attack. Jerome Segura, head of investigations at Malwarebytes Labs, has tracked the campaign, which uses the Fallout and…
Malware, Security News

Cryptojacking, coin-mining malware, new smaller dark web marketplaces rise in 2018

A continued rise in cryptojacking and growth in coin-miner malware returned to unprecedented levels after a temporary slowdown in the second quarter of 2018 highlight the trends in McAfee Advanced Threat Research’s December report. Analyzing threats that emerged in the third quarter, the report cited two new exploit kits: Fallout and Underminer. “Fallout almost certainly…
Security News

2018 Top Cyberthreats

It was clear it was going to be an intense year the cybersecurity industry when, just days after ringing in 2018, researchers announced a vulnerability found in essentially all CPU processors made over the previous two decades. From there, things only got busier, with news of Russian exploits, new ransomware families and much, much more.…
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