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Security News

Fancy Bear campaign targets 200 journalists

About 200 journalists have been targeted by the Russian cybergang Fancy Bear over the last two years with the group releasing personal information as part of a grander scheme to hinder Hilary Clinton's presidential election campaign.
Security News

Russian actors mentioned as possibly launching cyberattack on 2018 Winter Olympic Games

Fingering the culprit behind the cyberattack that hit the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games during the opening ceremony will never be nailed down with 100 percent accuracy, but industry executives have gathered some circumstantial evidence is pointing toward a Russian group. The primary reason Russia, or someone acting on that country’s behalf, has been singled…

Cybersecurity pros targeted in latest attack by Group 74

The threat actor known as Group 74 has initiated a new campaign that uses a malicious Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro embedded in a document advertising the Cyber Conflict U.S. Conference (CYCON) to target people interested in cybersecurity issues.
Election Coverage, Security News

Democratic fundraising firm leaves data-filled NAS open to public

A consumer-grade network attached storage (NAS) device owned by Rice Consulting, a fundraising firm working primarily with the Democratic Party, containing client data and passwords giving access to other organizations, was left publicly accessible, a cybersecurity research firm discovered. The factory-set authentication of the Buffalo TeraStation NAS device was disabled, leaving it open to being…

2018 Winter Olympic Games hit with destroyer malware during opening ceremony

Warnings that the 2018 Winter Olympic Games would be the target for hackers came true almost immediately as the Pyeongchang computer system was hit with a “destroyer” cyberattack knocking its website and other services offline. The games’ organizers have confirmed that an attack did take place during the opening ceremonies on February 9 hitting several…
FancyBear APT social
APTs/cyberespionage, Security News

APT28 turns away from election hacking and back to cyberespionage

APT28 has shifted its primary operation away from election interference and is instead actively conducting cyberespionage campaigns against government and military organizations in Europe and South America. Symantec noted this shift in activity in a new report which showed APT28, aka Fancy Bear, was not deterred from conducting illicit activity even after being named as…
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