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Israel comes under cyber attack
APTs/cyberespionage, Government/Defense, Security News

Israeli websites defaced, as more offensive cyber activity flares up in Middle East

Following a month of cyberattacks involving Iran and Israel, experts are reluctant to predict all-out digital warfare between the nation states, despite the obvious recent tit for tat that underscores age-old, religion-based tensions. The latest possible salvo came May 21, when approximately 1,000 corporate and manufacturing targets within Israel were afflicted with defacements and denial…
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Break Up With Your Insecure VPN

The inconsistent connections and the constant feeling of insecurity cannot be forgiven or forgotten— it is time to move on and break up with your VPN. In the 90s, the VPN was all the rage in cybersecurity. The creation of the ability for a private connection on the internet between a multitude of users and…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Stuxnet research reveals possible 4th accomplice, newly discovered versions of Flame and Duqu malware

Recent research into old malware threats associated with the Stuxnet attacks against Iran’s nuclear program roughly one decade ago turned up several new discoveries, including a possible fourth collaborator in the clandestine operation, as well as previously unknown versions of Flame and Duqu malware. Today, Alphabet’s cybersecurity subsidiary Chronicle revealed the findings of its researchers…
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Data Breaches Plague Organizations for Years

Once an organization’s network is breached, extinguishing the flames is just the first step in a long, painful and costly journey to recovery. There’s still the wreckage to sift through, investigators to perform analyses, insurance claims and, of course, a business to reconstruct and secure. It isn’t business as usual once operations are restored; a…
Limor Kessem
Executive Insight

Where are They Today? Banking Trojans That No One Misses GozNym – Up a Storm Then Up in Flames

According to IBM X-Force data, several major cybercrime groups that operate banking Trojans have slowly relinquished center stage in 2017, and for no apparent external reason. These groups include: Shifu, Tinba, Neverquest, Qadars, and GozNym – all of which have gradually faded away, or are nearing hiatus in 2017. Where were these malware codes before,…
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When ransomware strikes, should a company pay up?

That is the question organizations must quickly decide when they are hit with a ransomware attack, reports Doug Olenick. The 2 a.m. phone call dreaded by every chief technology officer, school district IT manager or small government official: “It seems our entire network is inaccessible and someone calling himself TheDarkOverlord is demanding 28 of something…
National Security Agency
Security News

NSA contractor nabbed for pilfering agency codes

Harold T. Martin III, 51, who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, was arrested after an FBI search of his home and car uncovered an abundance of highly classified documents, which Martin was not authorized to have
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