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Cybercrime, Security News

Wicked (dark web) wish list

The dark web can be a fairly lawless place, but even the most hidden corners of the darknet are not immune to the laws of supply and demand. Malware programs, cybercriminal services and stolen data can skyrocket in popularity on the underground market just as quickly as they can fall out of favor – same…
Security News

Where do nation-states fit into the ecosystem?

While official governments generally are smart enough not to directly employ attackers to carry out their missives, none of the researchers discovered smoking guns linking criminal operations to official governments. Still, intermediaries typically contact “hackers for hire engaged with bodies potentially representing nation states,” McAfee’s Raj Samani says. It’s only “logical for any nation state…
Cybercrime, Security News

Bullish on cybercrime

As the U.S. economy takes investors on a wild ride, turning all the usual indicators topsy-turvy and sparking concern that the bear will usurp the bull, one market seems to be on a perpetual upswing — cybercrime. Threat intelligence researchers agree that adversaries are well connected in the sophisticated virtual labyrinths of the dark web,…

Will privacy be a stumbling block for blockchain?

Best known as the infrastructure underlying the wildly popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency, blockchain technology has really come into its own in the past year or so—being viewed, trialed and utilized as a means of better executing and sharing corporate documents, managing identity and authentication, even running an emerging social media network.
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