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Accidental Airbnb account takeover linked to recycled phone numbers

As it turns out, websites and apps have experienced this commonplace problem for years, and companies could find themselves in violation of data security standards if users' information were to be exposed.
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Business must overcome privacy challenge for facial recognition to thrive

Pharmacy chain Rite-Aid’s recent abandonment of an eight-year-old facial recognition program aimed at curbing shoplifting as well as creating new marketing underscores how widespread the use of the controversial technology is and how organizations struggle to overcome associated security and privacy challenges – as well negative perceptions.
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First Look: Hyperproof Compliance Operations Platform

Company Name: Hyperproof Product Name: Hyperproof Compliance Operations Platform Basic Price: Professional Price Point of $100 per user/month (1-year commitment) What it does: A compliance operations platform that streamlines the compliance process for enterprises with a massive compliance frameworks library. What we liked: The Jumpstart feature that estimates how close the user gets to building…

Why we must arm police with facial recognition systems

It’s now evident in the U.S. that there are pockets within police departments that have demonstrated racial bias. This has resulted in a justified reaction from the public against them. And unlike most other western countries, in the U.S., both the police and many in the public are armed with guns, which tends to make…
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