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5 Elements of Next-Gen Deception Technology

Honeypots are deception technology’s earliest ancestor. IT security researchers started using them in the 1990s to deceive malicious actors who had made it onto the network by interacting with a false system. In this way, honeypots could gather intelligence on and assess the behavior of these malicious actors. They were not created for threat detection.…
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Frequency, size of fines for failing to secure data will grow by 2025, report

A little over two years since GDPR took effect and a few days after California began to enforce the CCPA, a study found more than one-third – 37 percent – of U.K. cybersecurity professionals expect the number and monetary amount of fines their employers face for not adequately safeguarding data will increase by 2025 even…
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MongoDB hacker threatens to report breach to GDPR

A hacker that uploaded ransom notes on nearly 23,000 MongoDB databases left exposed online without passwords has given his potential victims until tomorrow to pay a $140 ransom, or possibly report the breach to local GDPR authorities. According to recent ZDNet story, the hacker used an automated script to scan for misconfigured MongoDB databases, effectively…
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Party City celebrates IT risk assessment program; reveals keys to success

At InfoSec World 2020 on Tuesday, a pair of risk officers from Party City offered an inside glimpse into how the $2.1 billion specialty retailer pulled off its first-ever top-down enterprise-wide IT risk assessment. Among the chief success factors they cited were: executive buy-in, the collaboration of skilled partners, assuring adequate resources, well-planned project scoping,…
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5 Steps organizations should take to ensure CCPA compliance

Now that the California Consumer Privacy Act has officially taken effect, follow these 5 steps to ensure compliance, even if your organization is outside the Golden State. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than 164 million consumer records containing personally identifiable information (PII) were exposed in data breaches in 2019. Seemingly every week…
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How insurance CISOs can address cloud migration security concerns

The cloud is hardly new for most industries, but insurance is still in its early days with respect to widespread adoption. While solid progress is being made—a recent report from Novarica shows that more than 70% of insurers now use cloud computing (more than triple the last few years)—most have implemented it only in segments…
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British airline easyJet breached, data of 9 million customers compromised

An attack against British airline easyJet by “a highly sophisticated source” accessed the email addresses and travel details of approximately nine million customers, including credit card details of 2,208 customers. The company did not reveal when it learned of the attack or what a forensic investigation revealed, nor did it specify the breach date.  Although the…
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900,000 WordPress sites attacked via XSS vulnerabilities

Nearly 1 million WordPress sites are being hit by what is likely a single threat actor attempting to inject a redirect into the sites by exploiting a cross site scripting vulnerability. The attacks were discovered by the WordFence Threat Intelligence Team, which noted that since April 28 the number of XSS attacks has been 30…
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More CFOs feeling the heat with ransomware

 Too often we’re hearing about ​cities​ and ​organizations​ falling prey to ransomware attacks with the average cost of ransomware related downtime ​hovering around $55K​ – note that’s just the cost of ​downtime ​ , which excludes any ransom that might be paid. It’s also estimated that the total damage costs from global ransomware incidents are…
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