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Secure Cloud Series: DevSecOps in High-Velocity Environments

Scale and speed are two words that aren’t typically synonymous with cybersecurity, but that’s all changing. As organizations continue to expand their digital capabilities and reach — harnessing cloud technology’s power along the way — they’re increasingly embracing DevSecOps — an approach in which development, security and operations work together, in a fully integrated process from kick-off to delivery.
SC Media eSummit

Ransomware: Critical response tactics to overcome the threat

Primarily thanks to ransomware, hackers have been on a winning streak in the war for cybersecurity.. Early detection matters, of course. But responding once an attack has taken root is just as critical. To help contain attacks and limit their impact, it’s essential to establish a ransomware readiness plan that strikes the right balance of people, process and technology resources. Responsibility assignment, team training, simulation exercises - all have roles to play.

Gaining a Cybersecurity Edge with Threat Intelligence – Agenda

DAY 1 10:30 AM ETConference opens 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM ETKeynote: Adload: Not your garden variety adwareSpeaker(s): James AntonakosThere are thousands of malware samples discovered throughout the year. While some may be one-hit-wonders, others, upon further review, can reveal a widespread digital pandemic targeting organizations and users across the globe. In the world of…
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FIN8 actors’ recent activity buoyed by new malware toolset: report

Researchers investigating FIN8 have shared their findings on a new reverse shell malware program that the cybercriminal group uses to establish command-and-control communications with infected machines. Additionally, they have released details on recently uncovered variants of the threat actor’s ShellTea backdoor implant and PoSlurp point-of-sale malware. FIN8 burst back on the scene last month when…
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2019 Cybersecurity Predictions: Cloud Security

Stan Lowe, CISO, Zscaler Global governments will look to the private sector to help with securing cloud apps as they offload commodity IT applications and services. Due to skills shortages, governments don’t have the knowledge, skills and abilities to migrate data and applications and services to the cloud. As a result, governments around the world…
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2019 Cybersecurity Predictions: Artificial Intelligence

WatchGuard Threat Lab research team AI-driven chatbots go rogue In 2019, cyber criminals and black hat hackers will create malicious chatbots on legitimate sites to socially engineer unknowing victims into clicking malicious links, downloading files containing malware, or sharing private information. Candace Worley, Chief Technical Strategist, McAfee There are myriad decisions that must be made…
APTs/cyberespionage, Cybercrime, Health Care, Phishing, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Adobe fixes zero-day Flash bug after attackers target Russian clinic with exploit

Adobe Systems today issued an emergency security update for Flash Player following the discovery of a critical vulnerability that attackers were actively exploiting in a Nov. 29 phishing operation targeting a Russian state health care institution. The zero-day arbitrary code execution exploit was specifically employed against Moscow-based “Polyclinic No. 2” of the Administrative Directorate of…
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