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49 Google Play app titles found to deliver pesky ads

Researchers recently uncovered 49 adware-laced Android apps that were downloaded from the Google Play store more than 3 million times, collectively, before they were reportedly removed. Many of the apps were disguised as games, video editors and stylized photo and filter programs. Sample titles included Cut Out Studio Pro, Tattoo Maker, Bubble Effect, CLOWN MASK,…
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Why weakening COPPA could put children at risk online

Privacy fines have been rolling in by the millions this year and one of the more high-profile fines is the 170 million dollar fine imposed by the FTC for Google violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). This is following a current trend of the FTC fining tech companies for not protecting children’s privacy.…
Mobile Security, Security News

Google forms App Defense Alliance

Google has announced the creation of the App Defense Alliance, a collaboration of the search giant and three cybersecurity firms to vet apps prior to being placed in the Google Play Store. To accomplish this task ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium, gratis, will integrate their scanning engines with the Google Play Protect detection systems. “This will…
Pen testing or hacking?
Mobile Security, Security News

Malicious keyboard app capable of making illegal purchases

A keyboard app that has been downloaded more than 40 million times has rung up millions of dollars in fraudulent charges by secretly making premium purchases on a targeted device. The mobile security firm Upstream reported the keyboard app a.type had resided in the Google Play app store until its removal in June 2019, but…
Mobile Security, Security News

Google Play adware campaign taken down, developer identified

A year-long investigation by ESET of an adware campaign found 42 apps on Google Play that had been downloaded 8 million times, along with the Vietnamese malicious actor behind the scheme. The campaign has been active since July 2018, and while all the apps were reported to Google and removed, they can still be found…
IoT, Network Security, Security News, Vulnerabilities

Malicious voice apps can turn Alexa and Google Home devices into spies, say researchers

Cybercriminals could potentially develop malicious voice apps that turn Amazon Alexa devices and Google Home smart speakers into spy equipment that eavesdrops on users and even phishes for passwords, according to a new report. The report, from Germany-based Security Research Labs (SRLabs), warns that security lapses in the way Google Home and Alexa devices (such…
Mobile Security, Security News

UC Browser potentially endangers 500 million users

The popular Android browser UC Browser was found to break several Google mobile app rules possibly placing up to 500 million of its users at risk. UC Browser, which is available from the Google Play store, was found by Zscaler ThreatLabZ team to be making some highly questionable moves once downloaded, many of which go…
Mobile Security, Security News

iPhone jailbreakers lured to click fraud site

A cybergang has created a malicious website that dangles the reward of being able to jailbreak an iPhone, but instead injects the device with click fraud malware. The threat actors use the legitimate Checkm8 vulnerability, which does allow some legacy iOS devices to be jailbroken, as the basis for their program, reported Cisco Talos researchers…
Security News

Disinformation campaigns cheap and easy to launch: Recorded Future

Researchers conducted an experiment to see what it would take for malicious actors to either boost a company’s online stature or tear it down and found both could be accomplished in about 30 days and cost just a few thousand dollars. Recorded Future’s Insikt Group created a fake firm, Tyrell Corp., and hired two companies…
Miscreants infected a poker player's laptop malware that monitored his every online gambling move.
Mobile Security, Security News

Illegal gambling apps snuck into Apple and Google stores

Google and Apple recently removed hundreds of apps from their respective app stores after being informed they were actually fronts for gambling operations. While it’s not unusual to find malicious apps, this operation was different in that many of the apps passed through Google and Apple’s vetting process, Trend Micro reported. This was accomplished by…
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