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Demonbot targets cloud servers for DDoS attacks

An unsophisticated Linux-based botnet dubbed DemonBot is targeting exposed cloud servers using a vulnerability in Hadoop’s resource management tool to infect cloud servers with the botnet malware. Radware researchers are monitoring the malware which spreads via central servers and targets Hadoop clusters with the intention of performing DDoS attacks powered by the cloud’s infrastructure servers,…

Big Data security unwrapped

Join this webcast for live and interactive access to an esteemed panel of security thought leaders who will answer your questions and discuss live polling results on current best practices and the direction of Hadoop data protection.
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Perception vs. Reality: What You Know About Database Encryption

Devastating—that's the best way to describe the impact of not having a strong database security initiative. Did you know that 35% of all cyber attacks today occur without enterprises ever knowing that such an attack took place? It only takes 30 seconds to steal your data - making it humanely next to impossible to stop these sophisticated attacks. Your company's most sensitive financial and customer information is stored in databases, Hadoop and NoSQL platforms that are vulnerable. It's time to increase protection and defend your sensitive data
Big Data: The big picture

Big Data: The big picture

With data proliferating at astonishing rates, organizations are tearing into it, hoping to derive new business value, which, according to Zions CSO Preston Wood, includes better security decision making.
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