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Huawei responds to allegations of NSA hacking
Government/Defense, Security News

Google, Huawei break will likely lead to security issues for users

President Trump’s executive order blocking Huawei’s products from accessing U.S. networks or technology has resulted in Google retracting its Android license from the company, possibly leading to cybersecurity issues for future owners of Huawei devices. Google has confirmed that currently available Huawei devices can still be used and services such as the Google Play Store,…
Huawei responds to allegations of NSA hacking
Government/Defense, Security News

U.K. officials concerned over Huawei’s presence

U.K. cybersecurity.officials are concerned that Huawei has still not patched issues with its.routers leaving networks open to compromise.  Ian Levy, technical director of Britain’s National Cyber Security Center, told The Washington Post that there are “worrying engineering issues” that have not been addressed by the company. Huawei was raised as the U.K. is in the…
Huawei responds to leaks detailing NSA hack of firm's networks
Mobile Security, Security News

Backdoors found in Huawei-supplied Vodafone equipment

Huawei Technologies is facing yet another controversy, this time after security documents from Europe’s Vodafone noted that the Chinese firm supplied the carrier with hardware laden with security issues. Vodafone said it found backdoors in the software contained in Huawei home routers and optical service nodes. Such backdoors could allow Huawei to gain access to…
Government/Defense, Security News

Huawei given 90-day reprieve from Entity List

The U.S. Commerce Department has temporarily relieved Chinese manufacturer Huawei of its inclusion on the federal Entity List, allowing the company to continue to do operate with its business partners for 90 days. Huawei was added to the Entity List on May 16, effectively banning the company from doing business in the United States, but…
APTs/cyberespionage, Security News

Huawei fires company exec arrested in Poland for spying

Chinese telecom manufacturer Huawei has fired a company executive who had been arrested in Poland on charges of spying for China. Weijing Wang, a Chinese citizen, was a director of sales for Huawei. The company said he was fired for bringing disrespect to Huawei, CNN reported. Poland’s counterintelligence agency arrested Wang along with a Polish…
Huawei responds to allegations of NSA hacking
Security News, Vulnerabilities

Huawei products riddled with backdoors, zero days and critical vulnerabilities

Huawei’s problems keep piling up as a security firm specializing in IoT devices found numerous vulnerabilities across the company’s entire product line. Finite State said it scanned more than 1.5 million files embedded within nearly 10,000 firmware images supporting 558 products looking for risks including hard-coded backdoor credentials, unsafe use of cryptographic keys, indicators of…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Is 5G the security silver bullet for system integrators in the West?

U.S. vs. China heavyweight fight not ending soon As we endure the ongoing U.S. vs. China trade talks, it has become increasing clear that the U.S. administration’s on-again off-again relationship with China is not going to change.  The U.S. is seeking a reset in its relationship with China including better protections for American IP, and…
APTs/cyberespionage, Security News

U.S. may be preparing to indict Chinese nationals for cyberespionage

Reportedly the Trump administration is preparing to take action to counter what U.S. officials say are China’s continued efforts to steal American trade secrets. The Washington Post is reporting the Department of Justice will announce indictments of the malicious actors working for Chinese intelligence agencies that are suspected of operating cyberespionage campaigns against U.S. targets.…
Android Hack mobile security
Mobile Security, Security News

Millions of Android phones vulnerable to phishing attacks

More than half of the Android mobile phones in use are susceptible to an advanced text-based phishing attack that only requires a cybercriminal make a $10 investment. Check Point researchers found malicious actors using a remote agent to trick phone owners into accepting new phone settings that hand over various levels of control to the…
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