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Another vote against TippingPoint

So the saga of the QuickTime flaw found in a CanSecWest hacking contest is over, right? Well, not quite yet.

McAfee researcher...
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IBM Watson cybersecurity beta test launched

When it comes to keeping up with the amount of malware spewing forth on a daily basis from cybercriminals human alone are not able to track, stop or defeat these attacks.
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Big Brother is watching closer than ever

The debate will rage over whether surveillance cameras help reduce crime or if they are nothing more than a privacy invasion.

But one thing...
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Security vision for the smarter planet

Over a year ago, IBM began a global conversation about how the planet is becoming smarter with an increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent infrastructure. There is an explosive growth of data that is collected about virtually every aspect of our lives that we can connect and share across billions of devices with built-in intelligence. Our ability to use this data to visualize, control and automate what happens in our environment influences every aspect of our lives from financial transactions, to healthcare, retail, transportation, communications, government and utilities.
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