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IPSec or SSL? Another option

Since their advent, IPSec Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have revolutionized the way remote workers and business partners connect to a business by establishing a secure tunnel between a remote worker or business partner and the organization they are connecting to.
Best IPsec/SSL VPN

Best IPsec/SSL VPN

Winner: Cisco Systems for Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance 5500 Series SSL/IPsec VPN Edition
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Astaro Security Gateway v8

Astaro Security Gateway v8 provides a full unified threat management perimeter solution on the platform of one's choice.
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Following protocol

The virtual private network (VPN) is now a widely accepted feature of corporate IT security – and SSL is gaining on the established IPSec standard as the most popular VPN security protocol. How do they stack up?
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IP Security (IPsec) VPN

There are a number of options with today’s Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) solutions, a segment that may be unsung, but certainly is necessary, says Michael Lipinski.
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The myth of clientless VPNs

Providing remote access to business critical applications and information is no longer optional – it’s a ‘must have’ for today’s extended enterprise. Employees are more mobile, telecommuting continues to escalate, and partners play an increasingly important role in business processes. More so than ever before, companies require secure, anywhere access to internal applications, real-time information distribution and interactive collaboration.

Fixing SSL VPN

Many of the recent trends in data center evolution have involved doing more with less by consolidating systems and unifying management - recent technologies such as server and storage virtualization come to mind. But there's one area where a once-promising new technology was tried and rejected before it had a chance to truly evolve, and that area is SSL VPN.
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SSL VPN 2007

With an increasingly mobile workforce needing secure connections to their office computers, SSL virtual private network tools are becoming more and more popular, says Justin Peltier.
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