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Leaked videos offer rare behind-the-scenes look at Iranian APT operation

Threat analysts hit the cyber intel mother lode after uncovering a 40GB data leak that included training videos shedding light on the activities of an Iranian advanced persistent threat group. In a company blog post this week, IBM X-Force Incident Response Intelligence Services (IRIS) said that the leaked assets were the result of an OPSEC error on…
Security News

Thinking Outside the Box About Operating System Security

Today’s operating systems are more sophisticated and feature-rich than ever before, which makes them substantially more useful to the enterprise, but also adds to security vulnerability - unless the operating systems are configured, administered and monitored correctly.
Security News

SC Media’s Cybersecurity Week in Review for the upcoming week of April 1

Loser in library trustee election convinced Russians interfered with vote Controversy is swirling in the town of Blackduck, Minnesota after the loser in a contentious board of trustees election claimed that a Russian APT group meddled in his campaign. Randall LaSalle, 66, leveled the accusations against Kremlin-sponsored hackers after coming in second to his arch…
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Anti-malware gateways

A strong anti-malware gateway solution can stop email and web-based threats before ever making it inside the enterprise environment, says Michael Lipinski.

Access control

As long as we want to allow some users access and deny others, these products will be with us.
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