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Security News

New Mac trojan variant found

A new trojan variant has been identified in pirated versions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac. The malware is being distributed via peer-to-peer programs, security firm Intego said Monday. Nearly 5,000 people already have downloaded the software containing the trojan, which permits remote code execution. In the first version of this trojan, attackers used infected computers to launch DDoS attacks on various websites, Intego said. -- AM

January 26, 2009: Mac malware

Peter James, spokesman for Intego, a Mac security firm, talks about trojans in pirated versions of Mac software from torrent sites.
Product Review

Intego Personal Backup X

This next solution is ideal for publishers and media houses that rely on Macintosh computers for their production activities. Intego Personal Backup X allows the user to back up their critical files, clone volumes and synchronize files between two volumes.

Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Variant of Mac malware ‘Shlayer’ spreads via poisoned web searches

Researchers have discovered a new variant of Shlayer Mac malware that  bypasses Apple’s built-in security protections and is being spread via malicious results from Google web searches. Shlayer is used generally to distributed bundled adware or unwanted programs. According to a company blog post from Intego, the new version of this malware was observed being…
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