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Intego Personal Backup X

This next solution is ideal for publishers and media houses that rely on Macintosh computers for their production activities. Intego Personal Backup X allows the user to back up their critical files, clone volumes and synchronize files between two volumes.

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Bad bid: Malicious actors target government contractors

IT personnel working the trenches in the fight against malicious emails know that financial transactions — and the various documents that support and accompany those transactions — provide malicious actors seemingly endless fodder for clever phishing attacks designed to separate legitimate organizations from their money and reputations, as well as their customers, clients, and partners.…
apple bug
Cybercrime, Security News

Mac OSX/CrescentCore malware designed to evade antivirus

A fake Flash Player trojan malware is targeting Macs with a design that allows it to evade antivirus solutions.  Dubbed OSX/CrescentCore, Intego researchers spotted the malware in the wild in several places on the web ranging from sketchy copyright-infringing download sites to rogue, high-ranking, non-sponsored Google search results links, according to a June 28th blog…
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New OSX/Linker malware created to exploit bypass bug in macOS X Gatekeeper

Mac researchers have discovered a new malware program designed to specifically exploit a recently disclosed zero-day bypass vulnerability in macOS X Gatekeeper, which has still yet to be patched. Dubbed OSX/Linker, the malware appears to be crafted by the same developers behind OSX/Surfbuyer, an adware program that also targets Mac users, according to Joshua Long,…
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