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Cybercrime, Malware, Security News

Botnet abuses Docker servers and crypto blockchain to deliver Doki backdoor

As user organizations move more of their business infrastructure off premises, cybercriminals become increasingly motivated to target Linux-based cloud environments, including Docker servers with misconfigured API ports. And while cryptojacking schemes comprise some of the more conventional varieties of these Linux-based malware attacks, researchers have just disclosed the discovery of a Docker container attack that…
Malware, Security News

ACBbackdoor trojan designed to hit Linux and Windows systems

Intezer Security has found a new backdoor, ACBackdoor, that has no known connection to an operating threat group creating the possibility it could be a harbinger of a new gang’s formation. ACBackdoor is primarily a Linux malware, but Intezer has spotted a Windows variant and the company believes it was created by an experienced group…
Cybercrime, Ransomware, Security News

New PureLocker ransomware built for targeted attacks, linked to MaaS dealer

A newly discovered ransomware called PureLocker is targeting the production servers of enterprises, while exhibiting some behavior that’s very unusual for most malicious encryptors. Among its quirky features: it’s written in the PureBasic programming language, which helps it avoid conventional anti-malware detection engines; it’s very picky about who it infects, only executing if the victim machine…
Denial of Service attacks, ransomware
Ransomware, Security News

Intezer successfully shuts down QNAPCrypt ransomware campaigns

The security firm Intezer reported it had successfully shut down 15 active ransomware campaigns using the eCh0raix or QNAPCrypt variant with denial of service attacks. The Intezer, which identifies the malware as QNAPCrypt while Anomali dubbed it eCh0raix, DoS operation was a bit different from a normal DoS attack. Instead of bombarding the malicious actors…
Malware, Security News

Undetectable HiddenWasp Linux malware linked to Winnti Umbrella

A sophisticated malware campaign dubbed “HiddenWasp” is targeting Linux systems with the goal of targeted remote control. Some researchers have linked the malware to the Winnti Umbrella cluster of advisaries but attribution is uncertain at the moment. Unlike other Linux malware, HiddenWasp’s goal isn’t to mine cryptocurrency or launch DDoS activity but instead in targeted…
Company News, Security News

The winners of the 2019 SC Awards Honored in the U.S.

For a complete overview of SC Awards 2019 please click on the Book of the Night link above. Trust AwardBest Authentication Technology WinnerRSA Security for RSA SecurID Access There’s only one “you,” but at least there’s plenty of ways to prove you’re you. That’s especially true when using RSA SecurID Access, a smart authentication platform…
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