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Iran claims telecommunications infrastructure was attacked by Stuxnet variant

Iran officials are reportedly claiming that a variant of the Stuxnet worm that disrupted their country’s nuclear program in the late 2000s was used in an attack on their telecommunications infrastructure last week. Iran is publicly pointing the finger at Israel, while claiming to have successfully defended the attack, according to multiple news outlets, including…
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Report: Iran claims to have thwarted a U.S. cyberespionage operation

Iran is reportedly claiming that it successfully uprooted a CIA-led cyberespionage operation and arrested several U.S. spies in the process. “One of the most complicated CIA cyberespionage networks that had an important role in the CIA’s operations in different countries was exposed by the Iranian intelligence agencies a while ago and was dismantled,” said Ali…
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DHS warns Iran retaliation could include cyberattacks

Although it stressed there is no evidence of a specific credible threat to the U.S. after the killing Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the Department of Homeland Security Saturday issued a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin warning of retaliation, including cyberattacks. Previous homeland-based plots by Iran and its partners “have included, among other things, scouting and…
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