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SC exclusive: New secured phishing site goes up every two minutes

Threat actors are playing by the rules, or at least tricking your browser into thinking they are, in order to deliver more effective attacks. Wandera researchers noticed an increase in threat actors leveraging HTTPS and SSL certificates to “secure” their phishing sites leading to 60 percent of their monitored malicious traffic being encrypted using HTTPS.…
Puush urges users to change passwords after cyber attack
Data Breach, Security News

Online security firm Abine suffers breach

The online privacy and password management firm Abine reported a data breach that exposed users names, emails and portions of their login credentials of those using its Blur product. Blur, which is owned by Abine Inc., became aware on Dec. 13, 2018, that information from users who had registered their accounts with the company before…
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Missing laptop, missing policy

A dedicated federal civil servant took work home. Unfortunately, the federal agency he worked for had not taken easy steps to make that practice safe and secure. Thus, when a neighborhood gang of thieves broke into his house and stole the laptop, identity information about millions of veterans and members of the armed forces was potentially compromised. It was a typical Washington story, typical because no one suggested doing anything to solve the real problem revealed by the incident. It reminded me of the two giant paintings in the piazza in Sienna, Italy. One image is of dysfunctional Bad Government, the other of progressive Good Government.
Security News

IBM offers free tools for application security

IBM announced today the availability of free hosted software to help customers and developers better engineer safety into business applications, instead of having to reactively respond to security holes.
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