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Malspam campaign delivers LokiBot by abusing Windows Installer

A recently observed malspam-based phishing campaign is exploiting a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Office to infect victims with LokiBot malware via the Windows Installer service, Trend Micro has reported. Trend Micro has previously detailed other attacks leveraging CVE-2017-11882, a memory corruption vulnerability in Office’s Equation Editor, which was patched last November. But in a rather unique twist, this…
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Malicious actor Sweed puts new spins on its attacks

A threat actor named Sweed who has been active for more than two years using spearphishing emails with malicious attachments to spread Formbook, Lokibot and Agent Tesla has been given a detailed examination by Cisco Talos. Cisco Talos researcher Edmund Brumaghin said for the most part Agent Tesla is the group’s favorite flavor of malware,…
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SilverTerrier cybergang evolving new techniques for BEC scams

Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 researchers have actively monitored the evolution of SilverTerrier Nigerian Business Email Compromise (BEC) threat actors. The threat actors have been attributed to more than 51,000 malware samples and 1.1 million cyber attacks over the last four years as they are gaining experience quickly as they adopt new technologies, techniques, and…
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Facebook users’ data, private messages found up for sale online

Facebook is reportedly suggesting that malicious browser extensions may be behind yet another data breach affecting users of the social media platform – this one involving at least 257,256 stolen profiles, including 81,208 that included private messages. Journalists from the BBC, aided by researchers from Digital Shadows, began investigating the matter last September after seeing the accounts…
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Crooks turn to Delphi packers to evade malware detection

Cybercriminals are increasingly using legitimate programming tools and their default libraries to evade malware detection. According to a blog post by FireEye, many crypting services are being offered in underground forums by hackers who claim to make any malware “FUD” or “Fully Undetectable” by anti-virus technologies, sandboxes and other endpoint solutions. “We also see an…
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