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Report accuses China of extensive mobile spyware use to track ethnic minority group

A new blog post and research report from the Lookout Threat Intelligence Team has exposed the lengths to which a reputed Chinese government-sponsored APT operation has allegedly gone to track the country’s Uyghur minority population, including the trojanization of mobile apps with surveillanceware. Lookout details four spyware families — SilkBean, DoubleAgent, CarbonSteal and GoldenEagle —…
Mobile Security

500+ Android apps found containing program that can download spyware plug-in

More than 500 mobile apps on Google Play were recently discovered containing an advertising software development kit capable of downloading malicious plug-ins that can spy on Android users’ call histories, researchers from mobile security company Lookout have reported. Apps using the ad SDK, a product called Igexin, were downloaded over 100 million times by Android device owners before…
Security News

FTC announces settlements at Sony hearing

The Federal Trade Commission has settled with two companies following charges that they failed to protect their customers' personal information, an agency official told a House subcommittee on Wednesday.
Phishing, Security News

UN, NGOs targeted by ongoing phishing attack

The United Nations and other non-government organizations have been undergoing spear phishing attacks since at least March of this year with the goal of obtaining staffers’ login credentials. The attackers are using compromised Office 365 credentials garnered through phishing attacks to enter the NGOs’ systems, enabling them to install phishing websites that mimic each organization’s…
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