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The 2020 Trust Award winners

Here’s a look at which solutions took home the top Trust honors and why, and what some of the winning companies have experienced in the months since the award presentation in February.

Attacks on authentication turn ransomware from disruption to disaster

Ransomware has become an endemic problem in both the public and private sectors globally. And, let’s be honest: it has been for years. Recently, the cybercrime landscape shifted. High-profile incidents have underscored a pattern of ransomware gangs moving steadily up the food chain: from small, unsophisticated organizations such as local governments to some of the…

Five ways to reduce ransomware risk in OT environments

Ransomware attacks are trendy, and so far, have mostly targeted corporate IT environments, but operational technology (OT) has become collateral damage in many recent cases, including Honda, Garmin, and Maersk. However, that’s not to say OT environments are immune to ransomware because they are not. So far, most of the attacks render commodity systems such…
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The winners of the 2020 SC Awards Honored in the U.S.

Trust AwardBest Authentication TechnologyForgeRockForgeRock Identity Platform All journeys have a beginning, middle and an end, and it’s the job of the ForgeRock Identity Platform to ensure that every authentication journey, from start to finish, remains safe for the client and easy for the user. The platform’s Intelligent Authentication feature delivers the unique ability to visually map user authentication journeys with a drag-and-drop interface…
Executive Insight, Opinion

Failure to secure IoT networks has far-reaching consequences, and transportation is a bullseye target

In 2017, millions of moviegoers flocked to theaters for the eighth Fast and Furious movie, where they watched a villainous Charlize Theron take control of hundreds of self-driving cars. Whether they knew it or not, this was many viewers’ first exposure to the idea of a transportation-based cyberattack. And while this specific scenario is not…
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