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Data Breach, Security News

Caribou Coffee data breach affects 270 locations

The Caribou Coffee chain has reported that its point of sale system was hacked, resulting in a data breach affecting dozens of locations, primarily in Minnesota. The breach was noticed on Nov. 28, after which time Caribou Coffee hired the security firm Mandiant to investigate. Mandiant reported two days later that unauthorized persons had accessed…
Coronavirus, Security News

APT32 actively spearphishing Chinese officials in a search for COVID-19 data

The suspected Vietnamese threat group APT32 has been conducting a spearphishing campaign against Chinese targets in an attempt to glean information on COVID-19. FireEye’s Mandiant Threat Intelligence Team reported the attacks have been conducted throughout the pandemic, from early January to date, with the targets including China’s Ministry of Emergency Management as well as the…
No news on if Iran will retaliate yet...
APTs/cyberespionage, Security News

Iranian actors possibly behind DNS attack: FireEye

A tentative connection has been made to Iranian-inspired actors for a wave of DNS attack being conducted against targets in Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America. FireEye’s Mandiant Incident Response and Intelligence teams tempered its belief that Iran is behind the attacks noting work continues on attribution, but enough evidence exists for…

BadRabbit ransomware spreading in Russia and the Ukraine, vaccine posted

Update 2! Several Russian news agencies and additional targets in Ukraine are reportedly being hit with cyberattacks, which the security firm GroupIB believes to be based on a new variant of Petya called BadRabbit. GroupIB reported on Twitter that the Russian Interfax news agency is down due to a cyberattack. Interfax has confirmed the report…
'Havex' malware strikes industrial sector via watering hole attacks
Malware, Security News

Second Triton/Trisis critical infrastructure attack spotted

A second attack against a critical infrastructure target has been launched using the Triton/Trisis custom attack framework. FireEye researchers were able to attribute a second attack to the Russian group it fingered as being behind the initial 2017 attack that hit a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia through its industrial control system. Although details such…
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